Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party Planning Tips

  • Plan early and, if possible, involve your child in the decision making process. They may be hoping for a particular theme, location or entertainment.

  • Book early too! Many entertainment facilities and entertainers book in advance. Waiting till the last minute may force you to settle for less or worse...with no entertainment at all.

  • When seeking an entertainer, ask friends and co-workers who they’ve used or heard about. Party supply stores are wonderful resources as well. Once you've located your entertainment...don't be shy about asking for references or job experience along with pricing and services. An experienced entertainer should be well versed in the services they offer.

  • There’s an old adage that says “You get what you pay for.” There is some truth to this but then again, how can you be sure? Rule of Thumb: Avoid the extremes of too low and too high pricing for comparable services. Shop around and get an “average.” Sadly, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Don’t over-extend yourself and your finances. Work within your budget and time frame. You will feel much more comfortable with your decision, overall expectations and ultimate satisfaction.

  • Always have a plan “B.” If for some reason your entertainer can not make your event and no alternate is available. Have a handy list of activities you can rely on just in case.

  • While your child should be the star of the show, make sure the other children don’t feel left out. A good entertainer should acknowledge your child’s special day but should also avoid creating an overly competitive or resentful atmosphere.

  • Schedule the timing of your entertainment for 15-30 minutes after the scheduled start time of your event. This allows time for stragglers.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Have fun while planning and hosting your party. Odds are you are doing this for the people you love and care about. Enjoy the moments of laughter and joy and let there be nothing but fond memories remaining when the day is done.

  •                                                 Hugs & Giggles!
                                                                          ~ Wingnut

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